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We ask the following four questions on a paper left in each guestroom.

  • What did you like/love/or dislike most about your accommodations?

  • Were there any disappoints not mentioned above?

  • If you could change something about or INn to make it better, what would it be?

  • Add any other comments you wish...

Comments from: | CliffSide | Hog'n Haus | Mill House



CliffSide Guests: (For updated comments and Information about CliffSide go to: www.CliffSideBB.com ) 






Hog'n' Haus Guests:



130+ Pigs... Who knew? Liked the Natural setting. Very flexible with booking and check-in & out A plus. Thanks for everything you both did to make our 35th anniversary so memorable, quite the experience! The baked goods are the best!! Thanks again for the hospitality!

Stan and Sheila - Buffalo, NY


We loved everything! Thank you for the delicious Anniversary Cake! We love the roaring of the water, the charm of the Hog n Haus Cottage, your hospitality, the ice cream and the SPA Hot Tub ( Great Addition )! Anyone that dislikes anything here is an idiot! (When asked, what would you add to the Cottage to make it better they replied) " Maybe add a Summer Brunch. But truly, we enjoyed everything. I did not mind making breakfast in the mornings as you've stocked our room and the inn kitchen quite sufficiently! Seriously, Tom is Bananas' over your Banana Bread. I am obsessed with your Mill Cookies, yes I ate a lot of them and took a couple home for the kids! Tom would like a job, he would like to mow the lawn, check on the water in the stream and be your Banana Bread taster! How much does that pay? OK  will he have to pay for the pleasure?! He also wants to know if you will adopt him! ( Please)

Melissa and Tom - Simsbury, CT  ( Note: They were our first quests when we opened the Hog'n' Haus 21 Years ago!)


This is by far the cutest little hideaway we've ever stayed in. The Waterfall is beautiful, the whole property is secure and the properties are fantastic! This is the perfect combination of rustic and comfort, with privacy and peace to make it much better. Loved it! I would live here forever! You guys are great. Thanks so much for all you've done and are doing!

 Rebecca - Andover, Maine


"We loved the stunning, peaceful and private location. The Hosts were extremely friendly, welcoming & interesting. Well-stocked provisions and delicious backed goods. Unique setting of Historical interest. The main mill reception room was really fun. The cascading waterfalls was a huge plus- very calming for sleep. The accommodations were very clean & a fun pig decor added to the charm. How many people can say they slept in a converted Hog House? The Hosts are a talented, fascinating and entertaining, Renaissance couple. Thank you for a lovely stay!

Loretta and Geoff - Bristol, RI


"We loved the serenity. We barely heard civilization and we were right by the road! The decor is beautiful, tasteful, whimsical and yet romantic. Thank you once again, for making our second stay here so pleasant. We celebrated our first anniversary with you, this time you outdid yourselves with the very special touch - "Happy Anniversary" cake, homemade with love. You are truly special people and make your guests feel at home. You give Bed and Breakfasts everywhere a goal and reputation to which to aspire. Thank you.

Joe and Elaine - Fort Plain, NY


We loved the location!!! - I do believe this is my/our favorite spot in the world! Your attention to detail - i.e. our every comfort and yummy treats are always heart warming. - We shall be back!!! Thank you.

The Steins - NJ


"We loved everything, but if we had to choose, then the privacy and the river, what a peaceful sound! There is nothing I would change. This was the most romantic, peaceful, secluded B&B I have ever seen. All our needs were already met, from the SPA towels & flip-flops to breakfast foods, to the gas fireplace. You need to advertise more! Two thumbs way up! Will highly recommend."

Ann & Antonio


"We enjoyed your Scenery, Cleanliness, Accommodations', COOKIES, Food ( Loved the seltzer water! My favorite!!), Hypo-allergenic products, Charm, NOTHING was left wanting. We were disappointed that we had to leave this lovely place. We will be back. Thanks!"

Russell/Fowler - Chicago, Ill


"We loved the sound of the waterfall, the coziness of the decor, the privacy and the stocked kitchen. We tried real hard to identify some disappoints but the only thing we could come up with was that we had to leave so soon! We really enjoyed Ron's stories and Judith's special treats. We will recommend the Inn by the Mill to several of our friends and we hope to be back soon."

Michael and Mariell Woods - Jericho, VT


"We loved the attention to details. We had a nice tour of all the buildings and they are all just wonderful. The pumpkin bread left in our "Hog Haus" was great! We also took home a slice of your Oreo Cake, and as a professional pastry chef, I have to say it was quite pleasing. We really enjoyed our stay."

Wayne and Sandra Southworth


"We loved everything!! The View from the cottage was amazing. I hope you keep it just the way it is. Thank you very much! We plan on making this our anniversary spot!"

Jayson and Tricia Thyng (Newlyweds)


"This was our first experience with a B&B. Everything was wonderful. The decor, the cleanliness, the food and all the special touches. I am only sorry our stay was so short."

Anthony and Lenore Rezza


We loved the location and the sound of the rushing water. We were disappointed that we couldn't stay longer and have more time to hike or bike. The food we liked to eat was just like we have at home - the Great Grains, V8 and Cafe Vienna. We really enjoyed our stay and will recommend to others. We hope to return."

The Saugers.


We "You have done a marvelous job in the decorating of this lovely and inviting cottage. We felt like we were "at home" with every possible thing we might need... but having the beautiful falls as a backdrop was absolutely enchanting, soothing and peaceful... a truly excellent haven to go to amidst our very busy and rushed lives back home. We absolutely loved relaxing in the wonderful covered swing just outside our door... What a treat rocking back and forth as we admired the beauty and sounds of the falls. We love your glycerin soap... What a lovely touch. Your baked goods were a big treat for us, as well as all of the complimentary food and snacks, both in the fridge and out... You have thought of everything... and it was right in our cottage at our fingertips - what a wonderful treat - we felt spoiled. Your grounds and all the buildings are far lovelier and beautiful than as shown on your website... What a sight it was to view all the beauty of the flowers, fountains and decorations as we drove into your establishment. To be here in person far exceeded our expectations of what we envisioned. And the falls... There simply are no words to capture how they enchanted our spirits and soothed our souls. We look forward to our next visit. Thank you both for your warm and welcoming hospitality."

Mary Anne and Lee - New Jersey


"We loved the fully stocked kitchen with all those tasty deserts! The absolute attention to detail. The Hospitality was awesome. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. We will be back again! We love it! We love it! We love it!"

Amy & Jimmy D.


"We loved the sound of the rushing water. It was very private and quaint. The homemade snacks are excellent. We would love the recipe for the peanut butter pie. We loved it. Thanks for everything."

James & Vicky Smith


"Everything was extremely peaceful and the sound of the raging water never turns off. We shall return! Thank you! Thank you for all of your hard work to accommodate your guests. Thank you! God Bless."

David & Susan Murray


"We liked the well stocked food/drink. It was nice to eat in the room. We also liked the privacy of the location and the proximity of the gorge. Wonderful visit!!! Your information of local sites/ restaurants was great. Fun pool table but I lost 2 of 3 games. Felt like a kid again in the ice-cream parlor. The chocolate Oreo Truffle Torte was the best of the best. Super clean! "Pass the Pigs" is a favorite family game back in Indiana."

Bill & Mary B.


"The scenery was fantastic. Great romantic getaway cottage. Very relaxing. The special attention to details was great. Enjoyed the idea of self service breakfast and all the other extras. Definitely plan on returning. We will recommend to friends and others. P.S. The ice cream was great too!"

C. & H.


"It was comfortable, cozy and very homey. I think the care put into it really shines. We loved the atmosphere and mixture of privacy and convenience. Also the desserts are amazing! Thanks so much for having us... we will be back!"

C. Haas


"We loved the sound of the creek, the rustic look and the Pass the Pigs game. The cottage is full of wonderful touches and thoughtful additions. This just what we needed and we felt so looked after. Thank you."

D. R. & L. B.


"We liked most that the Cottage was Cozy, cute, near the waterfalls, the  personal touches - bake goods - feeling like "home". Unique decorations, access to temperature control, comfortable bed, access to the Hot Tub. We were pleasantly surprised with all the food available and the quality of the shampoo, chocolates, coffee etc. Best sleep we had in a long time. We also enjoyed the historic qualities of this place and our friendly hosts. Judith is very creative with her crafts."

R. & M. Warnke


"The privacy, Setting - by the Waterfalls, coziness. Everything was wonderful. You thought of everything to make our stay comfortable"

N. & B. Trostler

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Mill House Guests:




We loved everything. The owners' attention to detail is amazing. Most beautiful and romantic long weekend ever for us. Love the Hot Tub overlooking the waterfalls. The blueberry coffee cake might get my vote. No disappointments - I never want to leave. Judith is an amazing baker! We had a wonderful time, most romantic and nicest B&B we've ever been to and we've been to quite a few. Thanks for everything it was wonderful! See you next time.

Andrew, Westchester, PA


We loved the Decor. Every where you looked there was something interesting to see. All the details were so thought out and of course the owners were so friendly, so interesting a pleasure to talk to. We would not change anything. It is perfect just how it is. This is one of the most interesting places I have stayed. The location is unbelievable, the sound of the water from our room was soothing and so relaxing. Was just what we needed after our long bike ride.

L. Cunningham, Wantagh, NY.



Loved the Privacy, The access to Nature, Homemade treats, Fully stocked fridge and Cupboard, Incredible hospitality - warm and welcoming, Creative comforts in the room, Sound of rushing water from the waterfalls, Beautiful Landscaping and private areas to reflect. Should be named a Secret Hideaway, seriously, this is one of the best B&B experience's I've ever had - and I've traveled extensively and stayed in B&Bs in UK, USA and Europe .... A treasure. These people know how to run an Inn.  Thank You. Francesca, New Hartford, NY



"Loved the ambiance, the "friendly" privacy afforded by the Innkeepers. The background music of the rapids - the cornucopia of the kitchen and treats over the magnificent house. No complaints. Just to thank you for your exquisite taste in offering detailed comfort to us during our memorable stay in tour beautiful haven. Andreen, Jim Thorpe, Penna.



"Loved the history. All the beautiful details that went into the decorating!! So thoughtful too! Ice cream before bed.  Loved hearing about Ron's history too, Amazing! Only dislike is that we didn't come Wednesday night to and do two nights. Thank you for a wonderful experience. The Gleason's, Marlton, NJ



"I loved the ice cream, food and my fireplace. I disliked to much decor. Had no disappointments. Would like more treats. I wish I could stay longer."

Miss Roberts (age 9) New Canaan, Conn


"Loved the room, the river and the Inn. Decorated great!, Relaxing and peaceful. We plan on referring friends and family.

Brian & Kara - Albany, NY


"We loved the peace, quiet, the beauty, excellent breads and pastries, friendly innkeepers - superb! I can't think of anything I would change - it's been a great experience. The place is fantastic. The attention to details in decorating, food and guest comfort is top notch! Kitchen availability 24/7 is a great idea. Keep up the good work."

Scott Traver


"We Loved the serene scenery outdoors, relaxing areas all around the grounds, cheerful hospitality of Judith and Ron, the delicious desserts (like I never get usually!) Mill Wheels, the intricate care and detail given to the theme of each room! The surprise bird houses, The "tree table", the SPA sitting by the water, unique decor and the green vines on the bed post. Also liked the Baseball Reading materials! Inviting sitting areas in and outside. The Mill House has clean rooms, not soggy mattresses! Incredible quality of ambiance and peacefulness.

We love the Garden Room. What a great secret getaway! We'll share it with friends so it won't be so secret! I love the detail Judith put into the special touches _ hanging flowers from the ceiling top, greens decorating the windows, the faux finish walls, subtle surprises ( Lady bug, butterflies, bird houses and turtle lamp) What a talent you have, that you use to bless others and bring them happiness too!"

Tom & Mary Beth Johnson


"We liked the overall ambiance. The 24/7 access to the ice cream and dessert. Having a stocked refrigerator was great for the afternoon times when we needed a snack. I enjoyed my stay very much. The rooms and bathroom were comfortable and well appointed. I loved hearing about the History of the Mill. Ron gave wonderful restaurant recommendations and very good and accurate directions. Judith's desserts were superb."

Shirley B. - NYC


"Thanks for making our trip to Cooperstown so comfortable and relaxing. After hours of baseball games and crowds, we had a quit secret hideout to return to in the evenings. An added bonus were the desserts waiting for us in the refrigerator! If you ever decide to part with the Oreo Torte recipe please let us know. It was amazing! Thanks again for your hospitality! P.S. Thanks again for our daughter's  birthday cake."

Kim, Alli, Ken & Clay Nolen


"Your decorating. The fancifulness of the Garden Rom and the beautiful motif in the bathroom. The cakes are delicious. We enjoyed the games in the parlor. The birds, cats, waterfalls and interesting architecture all made us feel happy and relaxed, Thank You!"

J. & B.


"Aside from the beautiful surrounding, adorable and comfortable room and the sense of peace? I would have to say the hosts are a joy to deal with. We can really tell how much hard work and love for the place has gone into making our stay pleasant... and we loved the cake...!"

E Liquori


"What we liked most was the charm - the landscape - all of the amenities - the history and the Innkeepers attention to detail. and the Hot Tub. We were disappointed that we couldn't stay longer. We will be back. Our stay was truly a pleasure - Relaxing - Close to home yet so far away!"

Veri Collins


"What we liked most was the landscape and decor - but really everything was beyond our expectations. We loved the availability of the food/drink and amenities."

Mr. & Mrs. K. Gertz


"We liked the peaceful setting, waterfalls, outdoor hot tub, very tasteful and impeccably cared for, the Inn Keepers, charming and beautiful grounds. Everything was perfect!!! Interesting history. From the moment we walked into the Grist Mill we were planning our next visit. In our two years as a couple, this has been the most relaxing, memorable little getaway we've had."

J Fry & B. Potter


"The warm inviting atmosphere - We immediately feel at home here. Its wonderful! This is the second year in a row visiting the INn. We will be back year after year for the rest of our lives. See you in 2007."

Josh & Kristen


"Romantic charm, amazing decor and captivating history. Best part was the host's hospitality and eagerness to ensure everything was just how we needed it. Baked goods ( amazing) - home-style air. We had a fantastic time and will be planning a return visit to the inn. We had a fairytale arrival and were made to feel at home by the Innkeepers, informing us of local dining options and local stories. Our brief stay was memorable and we will be highly recommending the Inn to anyone looking for a relaxing rustic, getaway. Thanks for everything."

C. Arel


 "The kitchen & Living rooms were very cozy - food selection wonderful. We played our guitars in the pink room. We loved the sound creator would definitely used the pool table if we could have stayed longer. The Spa was wonderful and refreshing in the wintertime."

D. & P. Wade

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Availability, Reservations or more Details?

 INn by the Mill 

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Or email: stay@innbythemill.com

We accept: Cash, Checks, Visa or Master Card.

INn by the Mill 

1679 Mill Road, Saint Johnsville, NY 13452-3911


The INn is located close to many fine restaurants.

(One restaurant is said to be Haunted!)

At your request, we will gladly make reservations for you.



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